Daniel Mota Veiga | NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Contributing Faculty, Interior and Product Design

Daniel Mota Veiga

About Daniel

Daniel earned a degree in Industrial Design from Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa, a Masters in Interaction Design from Instituto Europeo di Design in Torino and has continued his studies into Branding at Kellogg – Northwestern University in the US. Starting in 1994, Daniel has held positions with many reputable companies including Fiat Auto, Pininfarina, Sprint/Nextel and Motorola. He’s been successful in influencing the culture and practices of Design within interdisciplinary groups and as a passionate ambassador for Brand and Design. Currently, Daniel works with the San Diego Design studio Intersection Inc. leveraging Design as one of the core foundations for innovation and commercial success. He is also a co-founder of Genneo, Inc., designing breakthrough products for portable energy harvesting.

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