Contributing Faculty, Product Design

Charles Curbbun

About Charles

Charles Curbbun has over 35 years of product design experience with an extensive understanding of the product development process. His approach to design combines an emphasis on creating unique user experiences with the ability to produce quantifiable ROI and competitive advantage for the client. It is this methodology and his leadership that inspires the strategic design direction for DDSTUDIO.

Charles studied Industrial Design in England, earning a BA with honors at De Montfort University. He worked in Europe for various tech firms, including ITT where he initiated their product branding throughout Europe. He then started DDSTUDIO in Southern California 25 years ago and has built the company on a reputation of competency, consistency, and design excellence.

In addition to designing category-defining products, he also guides future generations of design thinkers by teaching and lecturing at UCLA, UC Irvine, CSU Long Beach, and SDSU.

Charles provides the vision and focus to harness the talents of DDSTUDIO’s interdisciplinary team, always balancing unforeseen innovation with usability, manufacturing, and budgetary constraints.

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