Field Representative, High Schools & Colleges in Orange County/Los Angeles

Adriana Detrinidad

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I was born in San Diego and have lived around the world, but I always seem to find my way back to Southern California!

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Biola University and have been working in some aspect of higher education for the past eight years. My job at NewSchool is to visit your high schools and colleges, classrooms and events alike, and share why NewSchool is the best architecture and design school in Southern California. It has been my pleasure for the past three years to meet our university’s future students on campuses all around California, the States, and abroad. When I’m not traveling to different states for work, you can find me visiting museums, promenading through gardens, or scouting the best food spots. If I have a chance to make a memory, I’m there!

Being raised by an architect, my world has revolved around art and design my whole life. Our daily lives are enhanced when intentional design is implemented and integrated in the cities we live in and the products we use. I am constantly inspired by the students I meet and am excited when they bring their creativity and passion to NewSchool. You are welcome to reach me if you’re interested in having me visit your high school and college classroom in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Bay Area, or if you’re interested in having me visit your school in any other location.

I look forward to meeting you and making a connection of a lifetime!

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