Lecture Series: John Thackara

Studio Five
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Studio Five
Thursday, February 11, 2016, 4:30 - 6:30PM

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Drawing on a lifetime of travel in search of real-world alternatives that work, Thackara describes how communities the world over are creating a replacement, leave-things-better economy from the ground up.

Thackara tackles topics about creative ways to tackle timeless needs that matter: restoring the land, sharing water, making homes, growing food, designing clothes, journeying, and caring for each other. He writes of soil restorers and river keepers; seed savers and de-pavers; cloud commuters and e-bike couriers; care farmers; food system curators; fibershed stewards; money designers and more – from Bali to Brazil, as well as Delhi, London, and California. Thackara celebrates the power of small actions to transform the bigger picture – especially in the ways projects are connecting together as social and ecological systems: food commons, social farming, fibersheds, cycle commerce, and care cooperatives. These arrangements add up to a new kind of social infrastructure for the next economy: local money, mutual aid, platforms for sharing, Commoning, and Earth Law.

About the speaker: John Thackara is a writer and event producer who has spent a lifetime searching for live examples of what a sustainable future can be like. He writes about these stories at his blog, Doors of Perception, and organizes festivals that bring the project leaders he has met together. Described by Business Week as “one of the great voices on sustainability,” John Thackara’s previous books include the best-selling In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World. Along the way, John has been a magazine editor; a publisher; Director of Research at the Royal College of Art, where he is now a Senior Fellow; and Director of the Netherlands Design Institute. He has curated two national biennials – Designs Of The Time in the UK, and City Eco Lab in France – and nine Doors of Perception conferences in Amsterdam, and India; the Economic Times of India praised these events for their “brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability.” In 2013, John launched a workshop format called Xskool that helps diverse groups develop the design agenda for their bioregion.

Join us at NewSchool in Studio V on Thursday, February 11 at 4:30 - 6:30PM

Reception 4:30 | Lecture 5:00 | Book Signing 6:00