Animation Workshop : Making Faces


Academy Award winning animator, Chris Landreth, will be hosting a free animation workshop and film festival at the Media Design School in downtown on October 11th. Landreth is an internationally recognized filmmaker and animator who shot to stardom in 2005 with his Academy Award winning short film Ryan which is inspired by the true story of filmmaker Ryan Larkin’s struggles with addiction. Since Ryan, Landreth has had a busy career making waves in the animation community, most notably with his animated short The Spine. Landreth has separated himself from other animators through his unique use of psychorealism where his characters’ psychological traumas are represented by twisted, surreal lacerations and deformities. When his characters get distraught, their faces distort and in extreme cases they may get so upset that they literally fly apart.

The Media Design School has arranged to bring Chris Landreth to their downtown location for a one night only event. The free event will be open to the public and will include a workshop focusing on facial animation and a film festival of Landreth’s critically acclaimed work. During the workshop, Landreth will share ways to create faces that are realistic, believable and emotionally powerful – beginners are welcome. After the workshop, Landreth will be hosting a film festival featuring many of his animated short films including Ryan, which won an Academy Award in 2005.

Workshop Topics:

  • Anatomy-based rigging
  • Facial anatomy
  • Psychology behind expressions
  • Effective speech and lip synch