AIA San Diego presents: Bark-itecture 2016


​AIA San Diego - A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects presents:

Bark-itecture 2016

NewSchool of Architecture & Design is proud sponsor of San Diego’s first dog-house design competition

When & Where:

Saturday, May 28th @12pm-3pm
Stella Public House/Halcyon Coffee Bar
1429 Island Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

How it works:

Imagine the best dog house design for your (or someone else’s pooch). Turn your idea into something tangible that others can see and vote on.

Three submission categories:

  • Hand produced sketches, renderings & collages
  • Computer assisted renderings
  • Small model/maquettes

Three design-submitter categories:

  • Professional (architects, designers and design students)
  • Adults 18+
  • Under 18

For more information and an “intent to submit” registration, please visit