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Explore NewSchool's Summer Offerings!

Want to get a ​jump start on a minor or certificate, reduce your course load during the year or simply retake a class? You should consider staying for summer term at NewSchool! We are offering a wide range of classes in all our disciplines including popular courses like Design Build and California By Design. You can also start a Minor in Architecture or Construction Management or a Certificate in Interior Design or Product Design.

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AR 727-1 Structures III: Emergent Trend

AR 704-1 Design Studio

AR 722-2: Materials & Methods II

AR 5001-1: Vertical Studio: Arch Development

AR 5801-1: Landscape Architecture

AR 595-3: ST: Adobe Suites

AR 595-4 ST: Art Installation

AR 595-5: ST: Design Build

AR 595-6: ST: Into to Construction Management & Team

AR 595-7: ST: Design Build

CSC 5201-1: Beginning Rhino

CSC 5101-1:Beginning Revit

AR5841: City Planning


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CM 654-1: Capstone Project Integration

CM 602-1 Implementing Building Information Modeling

CM 653-1: Leadership Challenges in Construction Management

CM 604-1 Project Feasibility and Cost Controls

CM 651-1 Commercial Design & Construction Methods

CM 153-1: Intro Construction Management & Team Building

CM 603-1: Emerging Trends in Project Management

CM 601-1 Current Practice in Construction Management

CM 652-1: Advanced Project Delivery Systems

CM352: Construction Finance and Accounting


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DES 595-1: California By Design

PD317: Furniture Design

MD216: Copywriting

MD305: Contextual Studio: Contemporary Issues (Motion Studio)


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COM 310-1: The Film Lens

MTH 174-1: Geometry

MTH 172-1: Trigonometry

HUM 595-1: Free Inquiry: Compostela

HUM 595-2: FI: California by Design

CSC 5101-1: Beginning Revit

CSC 5201-1: Beginning Rhino

SCI 170-1: Physics I

SOC 482-1: Advanced Sociology: Urban Studies

SRO 595-1: Portfolio and Resume Development

ONECAMPUS (Online Courses)

ACCT2004C: Financial Accounting

ARTS2001C: Fundamentals of Photogenic Arts

HMNT3001C: Modern Popular Culture

IDST2050C: Interdisciplinary Experience: Sustaining Quality of Life in the City

PHSC1001C: Earth Science

SCNC4001C: Analyzing Contemporary Scientific Controversies

SOCI1001S: Introduction to Sociology