Mentorship Program Guidelines and Expectations


The goal of the NewSchool Alumni Mentorship Program is to provide professional and personal guidance to students. The Mentorship Program encourages students and alumni to connect with each other and with professionals in the industry. The mentorship program is an excellent networking opportunity, and while it is possible that it might result in an internship or job offer later, this is not an expectation or promise.


The program will run from the beginning of the fall quarter to the end of the following spring quarter with events (check points) at the beginning of each quarter.


The program is open to all students who are currently enrolled at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design. Each year, the program will have a limited number of “seats” available for mentees to participate. A designated number of these seats will be made available to each class (i.e., first-year undergraduate, second-year undergraduate, third-year graduate, etc.). If additional seats open up, based on the availability of our mentors, mentees will be selected based on the following criteria in no particular order of importance: academic standing, seniority and application criteria. Applicants applying for the program for the second consecutive year will be automatically placed on a secondary list to allow other students to participate. This is not to say, however, that applicants will not be able to participate a second year in a row.


Mentoring provides a variety of opportunities. Mentors have the opportunity to contribute to their communities while helping to develop the professionals of tomorrow. Mentees have the opportunity to network, benefit from the experience of others, and sharpen their professional skills and understanding. In order to increase involvement and utilize the knowledge of the industry professionals and the interest of the students, each prospective mentor and mentee is required to complete a short application. This application will allow for proper placement of the student and industry professional for mentorship. All participants are required to provide formal feedback at the end of the registered program term. Additionally, all participants must:

  • Be available to meet in person or communicate at least once a month by phone, email, or Skype.
  • Be available to meet at least once per quarter in person (unless he or she is not currently residing locally). Fall quarter runs from October to mid-December, winter quarter runs from the beginning of January to mid-March, and spring quarter runs from the beginning of April to mid-June.
  • Be open and honest about their availability.
  • Participate as much as possible in such organized events as mixers, lectures, and presentations.
  • Behave professionally and abide by NewSchool’s Code of Conduct.
  • Be open about your experiences, be it work, education or life in general, so that this program can offer a unique perspective and relationship.

The success of this program is based on the openness and honesty of its participants. As such, the NewSchool Alumni Board of Advisory’s Mentorship Committee encourages its student participants to acknowledge when a mentee/mentor relationship is not working and to contact a Committee Member immediately to resolve the situation. Mentors are expected to set an example and, if issues do arise, to resolve or communicate these issues with the mentee prior to reaching out to the committee for resolution.


For more information, please contact Lisa Ganem, Director of Career and Alumni Services: