Laureate Here For Good Program

This program recognizes and awards NewSchool students who have innovative design ideas that are certain to have a positive impact in our society.We’re looking for current students, graduates and faculty who’ve built or led projects and businesses with a clear record of driving social progress in your neighborhoods, cities and countries to participate in Laureate’s signature Here for Good project. The project documents the powerful work our network is doing around the world everyday.

Generate awareness about your project! We’re looking for innovators—social entrepreneurs, first-generation college students or graduates, and faculty. Apply to appear in the Here For Good journal and video.

Scholarship Eligibilty:

Must be a current student, graduate or faculty member of NewSchool or another Laureate network institution.


  • Name(s) of applicant(s) or nominee(s), affiliation with Laureate International Universities, age(s), contact information
  • A brief (300 words) description of the project or initiative, including what the inspiration for project was and who it involves (both in carrying it out and as beneficiaries).
  • A brief (300 words) description of the impact of the project or initiative, citing specific statistics when possible, and giving a picture of what specific benefits the project brings to a group or community
  • A link to the project or initiative’s website (if applicable)
  • Headshot photos of the applicant(s) or nominee(s) and photos or video showing project activities or impact, shared via a link to Dropbox, WeTransfer, YouTube, etc.
  • Questions about the application can be directed to

Download the application

All scholarships and institutional awards are based on availability and subject to change.