Career Services

The 2014/15 Academic Year yielded the highest placement results in eight years with a result of 92% of the graduating classes securing jobs in their field of study within six months of graduation.

Dedicated to your professional future

The NewSchool of Architecture & Design Career Services department provides a holistic approach to career development which nurtures all students from the beginning of their education to the advancement of their careers beyond graduation. Throughout their years of study, opportunities are provided (both on and off campus) to nurture professionalism throughout the lifecycle of a design thinker. The mission of the NewSchool’s Career Service Department is to assist students, recent graduates and alumni in developing, evaluating, and implementing their individualized employment goals while ensuring student success at the highest levels. The 2016/17 Academic Year yielded significant placement results with 87% of the graduating class reporting employment in-field or related field positions within six months of graduation.

Our Unique Career Management Model

Beginning at orientation, Career Services introduces the concept of Career Management and encourages students to develop an ongoing relationship with the department. Student outreach continues throughout their NewSchool tenure with workshops introducing career building strategies such as: personalized branding, strategic networking, job search tactics, negotiation strategies, appropriate salary levels for the specific industry and job function, and proactively managing of one’s career.

While still in school, Career Services offers opportunities to engage with the profession through events such as career fairs, professional lectures, personal introductions to professionals whose interests align with the student’s and by brokering informational interviews, internships, and mentor/mentee programs. The department maintains a Part-Time Job Blog for current students, Alumni Job Blog highlighting high-level opportunities, and a Full-Time Job Newsletter which is sent weekly to recent graduates highlighting the national job market and recent openings posted by our network of employers. These opportunities strategically place candidates into key openings via personalized introductions to the hiring authority. Moreover, Career Services reaches out to firms to encourage “top of mind” consideration of NewSchool students while educating employers on the appropriate salary levels. This data is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent data as well as industry organization reports. This process promotes quality salaries at all levels and promotes a healthy fiscal future for our community of students and alumni.

As graduation approaches, personalized interviews are held with each pending graduate to thoroughly understand their goals, skills, and experience and to reiterate the necessary steps to a successful job search. During this interview, a follow-up appointment is made to review and critique the resume, portfolio and project list. Following graduation, Career Services consistently reaches out to each graduate, providing support and guidance throughout the job search, assistance with interview preparation, potential leads, and negotiation of offers. Once employed, the relationship continues in order to provide support, encouragement and advice.

We look forward to working with you and guiding you throughout your career!