Graphic Design & Interactive Media

It is not required to submit a portfolio for undergraduate Graphic Design & Interactive Media programs. However, there are two reasons why applicants for undergraduate Graphic Design & Interactive Media may be asked to submit a portfolio: if the applicant is transferring credits and seeking advanced placement or if the applicant does not meet the minimum GPA requirements.

A portfolio is a visual narrative that clearly demonstrates creative work and processes. The portfolio will demonstrate a student’s academic background or experience in the Graphic Design & Interactive Media field.

First-Year Students

  1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of formal design language
  2. Demonstrate how to use design elements and principles through examples of work
  3. Present a juxtaposition of graphics and text
  4. Understand and know how to use the attributes of color

Second-Year Students

  1. Build off of the expectations of the First Year
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical foundations
  3. Show clear progression of skill and thought presented through the compilation of pieces
  4. Present examples of projects spread across multiple medium and media channels
  5. For students seeking a specialization, the following would be expected: Animation (Digital CD or DVD); Web and Mobile (Working website, proper coding behind the website); Game Design (Digital or hand-drawn images of characters, working games); Graphic Design (Digital or printed works of art)
  6. Demonstrate how themes are incorporated and synthesized into their unique work


Applicants to the Graphic Design & Interactive Media program may submit portfolios in hard copy or digital format. For hard copy submissions, the format is flexible, although it should be no larger than 11x17 and must be bound. The use of wood, metal, or glass is inappropriate. The student’s name must appear on all materials submitted. For digital submissions, CDs and DVDs are accepted. If the files are not interactive, they must be submitted in PDF or JPEG format. Movies and working websites are acceptable; PowerPoint presentations are not.

Students are expected to submit 15-25 pieces (not pages). These can be sketches, fine art drawing, and painting, typographic designs, digital graphics, sculptural works, installations, photographs, moving or still images of performance art, animations, 3D models, or video. Creativity and self-representation will be apparent through the use of selected formats.

All work should be the student’s own. The student’s individual contribution to any group or professional design project should be clearly delineated. All projects should include titles, the dates that the work was completed, a brief description and whether the work was done for academic, professional or personal purposes.

Note: Advanced placement is not based upon the number of years a student has taken digital media courses, the institution attended, or what placement students from the same institution have received in the past. Placement decisions are made individually on the merits of each particular case. All portfolio decisions are final and may not be appealed by the student.

If you have questions about submitting a portfolio, contact an Enrollment Specialist.