Portfolio Requirements

Portfolios are an important part of the application process. While not all programs require portfolios they are still recommended. We have outlined the specific reasons why you may be asked to submit a portfolio as well as guidelines to help you complete the portfolio depending on what program you are applying to.

If you have questions about submitting a portfolio, contact an Enrollment Specialist.

Reasons to submit a portfolio:

1) To be considered for enrollment into one of four NewSchool programs that require a portfolio. These include: Masters of Science in Architecture, Masters of Architecture 4+2, Masters of Architecture 5+1. All other programs do not require a portfolio but it is recommended.

3) Seeking advanced placement: Students seeking to transfer credits for advanced placement are required to submit a portfolio for review.

3) Application appeals: If a student does not meet the minimum GPA requirements (2.5 undergraduate and 2.7 graduate) they can submit a portfolio as part of an appeal.

Portfolio Guidelines