California by Design

​Summer Design Studio

Study design at NewSchool this summer! This studio uncovers what it means to design in California by exploring its cultures, lifestyles and industries (such as surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, entertainment, and start-ups) and then examining their unique influences on fashion, behaviors and imaginations. Students will learn how the design of artifacts relates to built environments and explore how design is influenced by California’s history, culture, environment and economic trends. Students have direct access to local industries and are provided with unique opportunities to learn firsthand from design professionals.

Last summer, students from the CA by Design studio collaborated with Dewey Weber Surfboards to generate media, product, interior and architectural design concepts and strategies for future developments of the brand. Students received invaluable, first hand feedback from the company’s CEO and President, Shea Weber.

What have students said about the CA by Design program?

“The amount of education I received in this class was equal to a whole year of studio. Truly a new way to learn architecture.” – Levi Daney, Architecture, 4th Year


The intensive class will meet weekdays from 10 AM - 3 PM with an hour free for lunch. Lunch is not provided.

Program Dates & Fees:

2 Week Program: August 13–24, 2018 | $950
5 Week Program (6 Credit Studio Course for Degree-Seeking Students): August 13–September 14, 2018

Want to learn more? Contact Enrollment: or call 619.684.8788.