Porto, Portugal

2nd Year Graduate Design Studio Travels to Porto, Portugal

Taking a look at the Historic city of Porto

Discover Porto during this week-long trip led by Associate Professor of Architecture, Tatiana Berger. Students enjoy day trips to Leca de Palmeira Swimming Pools, Boa Nova Tea House, Serralves Museum and Gardens and Porto School of Architecture. Itinerary highlights include: diving into the culture, touring the historic core of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia and dining by the River Douro in central Porto. Students visit historic locales for sketching, photographic opportunities and to document and analyze the natural and architectural elements of such landmarks as Avenida dos Aliados, Old market, Cordoaria, Foz and the Porto School of Architecture. Contact Tatiana Berger for more information.

Porto Study Abroad Student Projects

During the tour, students analyze various elements that make up architectural sites. Student groups study the built context through urban analysis, circulation of public transportation and pedestrian access, natural landscape terrain and the environment of the site. Students create a Porto sketchbook, a compilation created during their excursions and a regional analysis that includes writings, photographs, videos and maps of the areas visited. Students research the area’s historical, cultural, socio-political and anthropological background to gain a full understanding of Porto. Groups document, analyze and prepare drawings for a physical site model based on their research of site visits of museums of architecture, libraries and auditoria.

Trip Highlights

Students have the rare opportunity to meet renowned, Pritzker prize-winning architect, Alvaro Siza! He hosts the students at his office in Porto and collaborates with the group on a studio project. Students come away with invaluable insight about architecture and education from one of the most highly influential architects in the world.