Study Abroad

Take your studies global!

Is it your dream to study design abroad? At NewSchool, we believe that design is a global concept. We’ve set up study abroad programs around the world for our students. Being exposed to a wide range of cultural design perspectives will make you a stronger and more adaptive designer and architect. We are part of a global network of design schools that gives our students the opportunity to not only study abroad but also have international perspectives incorporated into our campus classes.

We believe that studying architecture and design abroad is a very important aspect of the NewSchool experience. Browse through our most popular study abroad options below. Discover what it is like to live and learn in one of the country’s below.

Milan, Italy

Through our collaboration with Domus Academy in Milan, students have the opportunity to study abroad in Milan as an integrated part of their curriculum. Here, you will be fully immersed in a stimulating creative culture and thriving design industry. This study abroad experience will give you access to some of the world’s most famous design brands and highest quality products imaginable, as well as the hearts and minds behind them.

Porto, Portugal

During the first week of Spring Quarter, Second Year Graduate Design Studio travels to Porto, Portugal. Students discover the country, rich culture and gorgeous architecture during this week-long trip led by Associate Professor of Architecture, Tatiana Berger. Students analyze architectural sites through their travels, field trips, and with hands on projects. Students visit historic locales for sketching, photographic opportunities and to document and analyze the natural and architectural elements of such landmarks as Avenida dos Aliados, Old market, Cordoaria, Foz and the Porto School of Architecture.

Compostela, Spain

NewSchool offers a summer program in Compostela, Spain. This unique international and multicultural experience provides students an opportunity to discover Spain and to earn 6 academic credits for the next academic year.


Travel to Peru for a 6 credit Architecture Design Studio course this summer. The program will be 10 weeks total, 3 weeks in Peru and 7 weeks in San Diego. Time in Peru will be divided into three segments, corresponding to three general locations along the Peruvian territory: Lima, Moche Valley, and Cuzco.

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