BS in Media Design

Use your creativity and imagination to visually communicate your ideas.

Communicate your Ideas in Print, Web, Mobile and Games

Have you dreamed of designing exciting advertising campaigns? Does working with a company to redesign their brand image sound exciting? A media design degree goes beyond graphic design giving you the tools to design exciting and interactive experiences. You will use your creativity and imagination to bring ideas to life. If you have pictured yourself working in visual design, creative advertising or interactive design, this media design degree may be the right program for you. You will explore the principles, technology, practical applications, and methodologies that can help you produce creative graphic design solutions. You will also learn the language of web design and being to create a variety of interactive content for web and mobile devices at our media design school.

ADDY Award Winning Student Work

The NewSchool of Architecture and Design’s media design program focuses on project-based learning and working with real clients. Our faculty members are design industry professionals and students have an opportunity to work on brand identity, copywriting, photography, digital production, concepting, art direction, graphic design, creative direction (print and interactive), audio production, video production and animation projects for California companies. We focus on preparing students for their careers in design not only with the skill sets that match industry’s needs but also, with an understanding and experience of the process of delivering creative solutions for clients. Our students are demonstrating proficiency and excellence in design skill sets - and it is being noticed on a local, regional and national level as our students have won numerous American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) for their student work!

Bachelor of Science in Media Design

Combining your love of creativity and technology could lead to a career in advertising, web production, film, animation, television, media and design or gaming. This digital media design degree program will teach you how use text, graphics, video and animation to visually communicate ideas in print, web, mobile, and games. The Bachelor of Science in Media Design is a 4 year program. During first year, students will learn the foundations of design, color theory, drawing fundamentals and digital media and digital imaging skills. The second year of studies includes courses in layout and design, visual narratives, storyboarding, branding, web design and package design. During third year, students will focus on typography, design research and web design. And then during the fourth year, students develop their portfolios during studio classes and portfolio development.

Certificate in Creative Advertising

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Media Design degree have an option of choosing an additional Certificate in Creative Advertising. The Creative Advertising certificate provides students the ability to augment their current major course of study with creative advertising courses specializing in ideation, creative strategy, creative direction, art direction and copywriting. The certificate provides official recognition of an additional specialized learning.