Course Sequence

The undergraduate curriculum in architecture is organized into three divisions: First year introduces the foundational elements of architectural design while second through fourth years develop core elements of architectural design and professional practice. The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree does not require a terminal project referred to as thesis studio.

The BA in Architecture degree requires students to complete a required number of credits in professional electives providing our architectural students with an opportunity for interdisciplinary coursework in Construction Management, Digital Media Arts, Product Design, or Interior Architecture. These courses provide opportunities for collaboration which supports cross-disciplinary learning.

Design studio is the heart of our pedagogical approach to architectural education here at NewSchool and we also work closely with the General Education Department to combine both required and elective coursework into a holistic education formulated to give students a broad ranging view of today’s globalized world to support and expand their design and critical thinking skills beyond professional concerns.

Program Highlights:

  • Total Credits: 191
  • Typical Program Length: 4 years

Program Outline:

  • Professional Requirements: 104 credits (55%)
  • Professional Electives: 27 (14%)
  • General Education: 60 credits (31%)

Required Professional Courses:

Studio Sequence

  • AR101-103 Design Studio
  • AR104 Visual Communication
  • AR201-203 1Design Studio
  • AR301-303 Design Studio
  • AR401-402 Design Studio
  • AR404 Practicum


  • AR221 Materials & Methods I
  • AR222 Materials & Methods II
  • AR223 Statics
  • AR231 Environmental Science I
  • AR251 Introduction to Architecture
  • AR261 History of Architecture: Pre-historic through Roman
  • AR262 History of Architecture: Early Christian through Baroque
  • AR263 History of Architecture: Neoclassic through 20th Century
  • AR332 Environmental Science II
  • AR453 Theory of Architecture
  • AR471 Construction Documents
  • AR472 Codes
  • AR481 Urban History
  • AR482 Urban Issues
  • AR553 Professional Practice
  • CSC270 Beginning CAD
  • CSC370 Intermediate CAD

Professional Electives

Elective Credits: 27 credits of Undergraduate Electives

Required General Education Courses


  • COM113 3 Speech Communication
  • ENG111 3 English Composition
  • ENG112 3 Advanced English Composition
  • RSH481 3 Introduction to Research*


  • ART160 3 Contemporary Art
  • ART462 3 Neo-Classicism to Modern Art*
  • PHL161 3 Introduction to Philosophy

Logic /Science

  • MTH171 3 Intermediate Algebra
  • MTH172 3 Trigonometry
  • MTH173 3 Analytical Geometry
  • SCI170 3 Fundamentals of Physics
  • SCI173 3 Environmental Biology

Social Science

  • GEO180 3 World Regional Geography
  • SOC480 2 Cultural Studies (B. Arts Requirement)
  • SOC482 2 Advanced Sociology: Urban Studies*

*Upper Division General Education

General Education Electives

Elective Credits: 17 credits of Undergraduate Electives