Course Sequence

The Bachelor of Architecture is a NAAB accredited, First Professional Degree preparing students for architecture licensure and career in architecture and design.

We nurture design minded students to become socially responsible leaders who act as agents of change within society. Our curriculum focuses on improving environmental quality by instilling a desire for artistic passion coupled with a drive for professional excellence. We re-structured our undergraduate Architecture Program around the following sequences in order to provide students with necessary skills and knowledge to be engaged citizens and effective leaders in the profession and discipline of architecture.

Design & Research Sequence provides the core subject area in all years of the undergraduate program. The studio environment, focused on project-based learning, is the cornerstone of our design curriculum grounding students in research and problem solving methodologies that question and scrutinize the means and methods of architectural production. The studio experience integrates the thinking and making process of design through self-reflection thus uniting all areas of study into a holistic understanding of design as a process based methodology for investigating and solving spatial problems.

History & Theory Sequence presents a social, political, and economic understanding of society and culture through precedent study allowing students to “stand on the shoulders of those before us” and shape future world views without forgetting our past. It establishes a portal from which to investigate diverse and opportunistic solutions to the problems of today and those we will face tomorrow.

Technology Sequence introduces structural, environmental, and building systems; basic strategies and building blocks necessary to insure design decisions are sound and grounded in a reality based on open investigation into smart materials, innovative technologies, current fabrication techniques, and constantly evolving systems of practice that unites a growing base of data, information, knowledge, and energy flows vital to a successful design process.

Architectural Practice Sequence develops the critical financial, legal, management, and social communication skills necessary for creative leadership within a field of architectural practice that is continuously evolving within an entrepreneurial and internationalized economy as it responds to the changing dynamics of learning, living, and being in our globalized yet localized communities.

The Bachelor of Architecture program also requires a terminal project referred to as Thesis Studio which is completed over three quarters as part of the final year of the program.

Program Highlights:

  • Total Credits: 231
  • Typical Program Length: 5 years
  • NAAB Accredited, First Professional Degree

Program Outline:

  • Required Professional Courses: 144 credits (62%)
  • Professional Elective Courses: 18 credits (8%)
  • General Education Courses: 69 credits (30%)

Required Professional Courses

Below is a PDF that will layout the exact program outline: Education Electives

Elective Credits: 22 Undergraduate Electives