Undergraduate Architecture Programs

At NewSchool of Architecture & Design, we’re a community of people full of ideas, all helping you evolve your talents and push boundaries. The School of Architecture at NewSchool is rich in diversity and creativity. We are an urban laboratory where each architecture student has their own architectural design studio space and an opportunity to work on projects with clients and community organizations, through our Design Clinic. With international faculty prominent in the field, you’ll be exposed to many different approaches to design and innovative technologies. You’ll master the same industry standard technology in the classroom that you will use in the workplace. And with two undergraduate architecture degrees to choose from, you can pursue the educational track that best fits your career goals.

Unique Pedagogy, Unique Location

Located in San Diego, California, at the intersection of natural and man-made boundaries, the unique setting of our campus in the southwest corner of the United States offers students an urban laboratory in which to research problems confronting a globalized society while examining the ever changing role of architecture within one of the most ecologically diverse and environmentally sensitive areas of North America.

This junction of oceanic and desert climates, along San Diego’s border with Mexico and the busiest international border crossing in the world, challenges students to examine quality of life issues. Increasing population density within urban environments; diminished natural resources and increased energy demands; limited open space and a lack of developable lands; food production for large urban centers; environmental degradation and atmospheric pollution are but a few of the challenges our students investigate and as the next generation of architects will need to address as their professional careers mature regardless of where they locate globally.

NewSchool welcomes this responsibility as the foundation of our academic mission; training architects for active participation and engagement at the local and international scale by addressing sustainable urbanism through a progressive curriculum grounded in a culture of critical reasoning, professional engagement, and ethical behavior. We nurture design minded students to become socially responsible leaders who act as agents of change within society. Our curriculum focuses on improving environmental quality by instilling a desire for artistic passion coupled with a drive for professional excellence.

Undergraduate Degrees in Architecture

BA in Architecture

If you are interested in a career in architecture and design with a goal of accelerating the time to graduation and career entry, the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program provides a convenient pathway to your goals. Our 4-year program is designed to allow career-focused students to enter the architecture workforce as quickly as possible or to continue with their education to earn a masters degree in architecture. With a wide range of different roles and aspects of the building process, this program can open the doors to many academic options and prepare you for a variety of architecture and design-related career options. This degree does not prepare for architecture licensure - however the degree will prepare you to pursue the Master of Architecture I program which is a NAAB accredited, first professional degree.

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a licensed architect, the Bachelor of Architecture program offers a curriculum that will prepare you with the credentials and knowledge you need to secure licensure in many states. This 5-year program will teach you both the foundation of the profession as well as the advanced theories and practical application of creating inspirational structures in a sustainable manner. Upon graduation, you can choose to enter the workforce or continue your educational goals through the Master of Architectural Studies or the Master of Construction Management Degree.

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