Project Spotlight: Gateway San Diego

Gateway San Diego, Multinodal Transit Hub Conceptual Design

A conceptualization and design study done for the benefit of the Mayor’s Airport Ad Hoc Committee in considering expansion scenarios at Lindbergh Field in San Diego. The proposal won an “Orchid” award in 2009 in the annual city-wide Orchids & Onions public design competition.

The NewSchool architecture studio created the Gateway San Diego project to illustrate how Lindbergh Field could be integrated with local and regional transportation systems in a sustainable manner. At the request of the Destination Lindbergh Committee and the San Diego Regional Airport Authority, the student team, led by James Frost, AIA-E, produced a long term development concept located on the north side of the airport.

The project was presented to the Destination Lindbergh Committee and the Airport Authority Board of Directors and was commended for its innovative approach and solution to a critical regional issue.

  • integrates all regional transportation at a single location;
  • creates a major urban park over the parking garages;
  • develops an iconic landmark as a gateway to San Diego;
  • establishes a large economic generator through multi-use functions on and off site;
  • and provides a sustainable transportation solution that reduces the transportation carbon footprint resulting from less auto trips.

Student design team: Dustan Bagliere, Yousef Eshmawi, Rae Kim, Joel Smith, Giovanni Torres, Scott Young