Charner Rodgers Register

Charner Rodgers Register

Contributing Faculty, Construction Management


Research Interests: Green building, environmental justice in the building Industry, transportation

Design and Teaching Philosophies: My teaching philosophy is modeled from my learning and teaching experiences as well as my professional experience. During my years as a student, I realized through group projects that students learn in different ways. The ability to accommodate each students learning style is a daunting task for college professors to achieve. With advancements in technology and industry standards, students are no longer engaged in learning through traditional teaching methods. In my classroom, I have developed a teaching philosophy of entertaining while educating using various teaching methods and real-world experiences.

Education: Charner Rodgers Register earned her Ph.D. in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2011, her Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Tennessee State University in December 2006, and her Bachelor of Construction Management from the University of Memphis in May 2000.

Honorary Degrees/Awards/Memberships: Georgia Institute of Technology Thomas C. Meredith, Jr. Fellowship 2008-2011; Georgia Institute of Technology Tower Award Spring 2011; Georgia Institute of Technology Impact Scholarship 2010; Georgia Department of Transportation Scholarship 2010; Georgia Institute of Technology Fellowship 2008–2011; Minority Enterprise Development Week, Entrepreneur Award 2002, 2003, 2004; Conference USA Academic Achievement Award 1997; Bill Clinton Presidential Academic Award 1997; National Society of Black Engineers Torchbearer Award 1996 and 1997; University of Memphis Tiger Academic Thirty 1995, 1996, 1997