Vuslat Demircay, Ph.D.

Vuslat Demircay, Ph.D.

Professor, Graduate Architecture

Phone: 619-684-8858


Office Location: 770 Park

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Education: Ph.D. in Building Science from METU in Turkey, M.Arch., B.Arch.

Professional Background: Academician since 1989; has been associated with NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NewSchool) since 2003; worked as registered architect and consultant for Tolar Architecture and German Embassy in Turkey.

Additional Info: Dr. Demircay has a number of international publications, such as editor of the Proceedings for Water, Supply and Drainage for Buildings, has participated in several international research and working groups in Europe on Architecture Education, and has been an active juror in student competitions, and a reviewer of scholarly papers for journals. In 2010, Dr. Demircay was recognized with the prestigious President’s Award for her exceptional work in organizing and participating in the first ever Laureate Global Architecture and Design Summit.