Rajaa Issa

Rajaa Issa

Contributing Faculty, Graduate Architecture

Email: rissa@newschoolarch.edu

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rajaaissa

Research Interests: Architectural geometry, parametric design, surface rationalization, digital design and fabrication methodologies, and developing digital processes and tools for creative designers

Design and Teaching Philosophies: I promote an open and collaborative teaching environment where knowledge is shared and continued to be developed.

Education: Rajaa Issa earned her master’s in computer science and engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington; her master’s in Architecture (M.Arch) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand; and her Bachelor in Architecture from Baghdad University, Iraq.

Bio: She is a member of the Rhinoceros 3D development team with special focus on the field of architectural geometry, solid modeling, parametric design, surface rationalization and paneling of complex surfaces.Her recent work at Newschool of Architecture and Design involves developing and teaching a curriculum that uses computation and digital fabrication as an integral part of the creative design process in architectural education. She has created a number of architectural and parametric plug-ins for Rhino such as PanelingTools, PanelingTools for Grasshopper and SectionTools. She also authored a number of papers and manuals including the “Essential Mathematics for Computational Design, third edition”. She participated in many conferences with presentations, publications and workshops both nationally and internationally. She holds a graduate degree in architecture from Auckland University, New Zealand and a graduate degree in computer science and engineer from the University of Texas at Arlington.