Certificate in Product Design

This certificate program is specifically addressed to students and/or professionals interested in exploring and/or deepening their knowledge and skills about the design of Products. With a strong emphasis on human centered design methodologies and tools and on project-based learning methods, the certificate program covers the design of traditional artifacts as well as the design of digital product and systems – upper classes – and can be pursued at two different levels: basic (min 15 credits) and advanced (min 15 credits).

Product Design (Basic): 15 credits to be chosen among the following classes:

PD201 Product Design Studio I (Fall) 6 credits
PD202 Product Design Studio II (Winter) 6 credits
PD203 Product Design Studio III (Spring) 6 credits
Special Topic Summer Studio (California by Design) 6 credits
PD111 Human Factors 3 credits
PD210 Visualization & Storytelling 3 credits
PD212 Manufacturing & production systems 3 credits
PD214 Design for Sustainability 3 credits
PD215 Design of Materials 3 credits
PD317 Furniture Design 3 credits

Product Design (Advanced): 15 credits to be chosen among the following upper level classes:

PD301 Product Design Studio IV 6 credits
PD302 Product Design Studio V 6 credits
PD303 Product Design Studio VI 6 credits
PD312 Experience Design 3 credits
PD313 Design of Interactive Products 3 credits
PD314 Design Research 3 credits
PD315 Research: PD Methods, Materials, and Technology 3 credits
PD317 Furniture Design 3 credits

Students interested in pursuing a Certificate in Product Design (basic or advanced) must seek approval from their Academic Advisor or Program Chair and from the Program Chair of the major program of study.

Want to learn more? Contact Elena Pacenti: epacenti@newschoolarch.edu.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: NewSchool of Architecture & Design is unable to sponsor an international student for J1 or F1 visa status for any of our current certificate programs. To enroll in any certificate, you will need to be a degree-seeking student.