Certificate in Healthy Urbanism

There is growing acknowledgement that the way cities and neighborhoods are designed directly impacts the health of residents, workers, and visitors. At the same time, many designers and planners fail to create healthy urban environments through a lack of understanding, experience, and training. This certificate program provides a grounding in the processes and design strategies that promote healthful cities. Students complete one studio class and three lecture classes totaling 15 credits.

This program covers the broad context of urban issues including regionalism, community, and public infrastructure. Addressing current issues involving the homeless, senior citizens, and demographic trends allows this class to provide an informational base relative to social, political and economic issues associated with urban settings.

AR5811 URBAN ISSUES (3 CREDITS) This course explores contemporary issues in urbanism including regionalism, community and public infrastructure. Students investigate homelessness, the needs of aging populations and demographic trends to create an informational base relative to the social, political and economic contexts that impact health in cities.

AR582 URBAN DESIGN (3 CREDITS) In this course, students will be introduced to urban design principles, theories, and concepts through readings, lectures, and images. Contextualism, public spaces, and streetscapes are examined through the analysis of case studies evident throughout the world in both a contemporary and historical sense. Students are required to apply urban design principles and concepts through weekly exercises, vignettes, character sketches and models.

AR5831 LIVABLE COMMUNITIES DESIGN (3 CREDITS) The design of communities and neighborhoods is a critical element in the creation of the buildings that serve humanity. This course investigates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism, livable communities, and the relevance of those principles to the design of the built environment.

AR901 DESIGN STUDIO (6 CREDITS) This is a topic studio focused on issues in the specified area of study. The studio workshop is centered on applying healthy urbanism principles and strategies to student-generated design projects.

Eligible participants: Graduate students and upper-level undergraduates in architecture and design programs; architects; urban designers and planners; professionals in related fields.

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: NewSchool of Architecture & Design is unable to sponsor an international student for J1 or F1 visa status for any of our current certificate programs. To enroll in any certificate, you will need to be a degree-seeking student.