Course Descriptions

Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Creative Professions

Would you like to use your creative expertise to become an entrepreneur? What skills and dispositions do designers, architects, and artists need to successfully start their own businesses, consultancies, or freelance operations? In this course, explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship and begin to apply your learning in a real-world context.

Co-Requisite: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice

Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice

Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice gives students the opportunity to examine the entrepreneurial mindset and to compare their skills, strengths, and goals to those of successful entrepreneurs. In this highly engaging and media-rich Signature Product course, students will progress through a series of modules that will help them to both identify and develop a design business idea using practical skills.

Co-Requisite: Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Creative Professions

Designing a Business Model

Business modeling allows strategists, marketers and managers to assess how a product will perform in the market. Business modeling can be done to unlimited levels of complexity and detail. In this course, the students will be introduced to the practice and will gain basic skills in making simple business models that can be used to estimate market viability. The core elements that are required for modeling with be explored: product and production costs, pricing strategies, market size estimates. The students will practice using these elements to develop revenue and profitability scenarios.

Pre-requisite: Finding Your Own Entrepreneurial Voice

Creating Your Own Business

Students begin Creating Your Own Business by reviewing their venture plans and executive summaries developed in Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice. Working closely with a class cohort, students consider ways to implement their venture plans. Course topics include assessing needs and developing plans for incorporating human, financial, physical, and intellectual capital into an entrepreneurial design venture and evaluating distribution channels for bringing a venture to market. Students also consider the entrepreneurial life cycle and the way it informs how design businesses are valued as well as decisions about potential exit strategies.

Pre-requisite: Finding Your Own Entrepreneurial Voice

Building Your Brand Identity

How will you build your brand? How should you present yourself to clients and investors? How do you create a digital presence and connect your design business with social media? What will it take to make your design business soar? In this course, students delve into managing challenging aspects of successful businesses including fundamentals of self-presentation skills and creating dynamic brands, which are critical to entrepreneurial success.

Pre-requisite: Finding Your Own Entrepreneurial Voice