Neuroscience for Architecture, Urbanism, and Design
NewSchool’s Neuroscience for Architecture, Urbanism and Design Summer Intersession Program guides architecture and design professionals in an exploration of the juncture of the brain and the built environment. Program participants develop a working knowledge of the brain and learn about aspects of its ability to process spatial cues. Studio work conducted through “master classes” utilizes an evidence-based design approach, grounding architectural concepts in neuroscience. Noted neuroscientists will describe current research and discuss its implications for design. This program provides the unique opportunity to learn from renowned neuroscientists, but also architects, authors, theoreticians, and teachers. This course is intended for licensed architects, urban designers, planners, design professionals, healthcare industry professionals, doctoral candidates and post-graduate students in architecture and related fields. Click here to learn more about Neuroscience for Architecture, Urbanism, and Design.

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Study Abroad Architecture Design Studio in Peru, Summer 2018
SPACE PATTERNS / TIME HORIZONS. Click here to learn more about Peru.

California by Design
California by Design is an integrative design studio where students are exposed to the West Coast region as a very specific context for design innovation. California is more than a place— it’s a lifestyle and worldwide it is known as the epicenter of innovation for action sports and hi-tech products and services. This studio will uncover what it means to be Californian by exploring its cultures, lifestyles, and industries (such a surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, entertainment, and start-ups) and then examining their unique influences on fashion, behaviors, and imaginations. Students will learn how the design of artifacts relates to built environments. They will also explore how design is influenced by California’s history, culture, environment, and economic trends. Click here to learn more about California by Design.

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