Lecture Series 2016


Jose Wagner Garcia (Brazil), Matias Nieto Tolosa (Spain)
Wednesday, January 27th @7pm, Auditorium
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John Thackara (France): “How to Thrive in the Next Economy”
Thursday, February 11th @4.30pm, Studio 5
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Marvin J. Malecha, FAIA, DPACSA: “Being Creative, Being a Creative”
Wednesday, February 24th @6.30pm, Auditorium
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Dario Miticocchio: “Where is Design Going?”
Wednesday, March 9th @7pm, Auditorium
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Harry Mallgrave (Savannah, GA): “What is the Nature of Architectural Research?”
Wednesday, April 20th @7pm, Auditorium
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Stanley Saitowitz: “Building the City”
Wednesday, April 27th @7pm, Auditorium
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Kurt Hunker: “Aalto for Everyone”
Wednesday, May 11th @7pm, Auditorium
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Patkau Architects (Vancouver, Canada): “Work/Play”
Wednesday, May 25th @7pm, Auditorium
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Dr. Thomas Albright: “Towards A Neuroscience for Architecture”
Wednesday, June 8th @7pm, Auditorium
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Billie Tsien (New York): “Inside Out”
Wednesday, October 19th @6.30pm, Spreckels Theater
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Rick Joy (Arizona): “Taking the Time”
Wednesday, November 2nd @6.30pm, Auditorium
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Stephen Emmitt (Bath, UK): “The Architecture of Practice”
Wednesday, November 9th @6.30pm, Auditorium

Don Norman: “The Future of Design (or, Design isn’t what you think it is)”
Wednesday, December 7th @6.30pm
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