Lecture Series

NewSchool’s Lecture Series brings world-renowned guest lecturers from around the world to campus as part of the school’s mission to enhance global design education opportunities for its students and the community. The lecture series provides the NewSchool community with high-quality programming that encourages academic inquiry and discussion with leading architects and designers.

2017-2018 Lecture Series Calendar

Wednesday, October 11 | Kenneth Frampton
Tuesday, October 24 | John Onians
Wednesday, November 15 | Dan Brunn
Wednesday, February 7 | Snøhetta “Habitat: Large and Small”
Thursday, February 8 | Bob Condia “Applied Neuroscience for Architects: How Architecture Means Something” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, February 21 | Frank Harmon “Native Place: Drawing as a Way to See”
Wednesday, March 7 | Frank Wolden “Urban Optimism: Can Architecture Save the Planet?” >>Watch the Lecture
Friday, May 4 | Alessandro Gattara “Architectural Empathy: Embodied Simulation in OFfice Interiors” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, May 9 | Michael Arbib “From Frogs’ Brains to the Drawing of Buildings” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, May 23 | Christian Hölljes

2016-2017 Lecture Series Calendar

Wednesday, October 19 | Billie Tsien “Inside Out”
Wednesday, November 2 | Rick Joy “Taking the Time”
Wednesday, November 9 | Stephen Emmitt “The Architecture of Practice”
Wednesday, December 7 | Don Norman “The Future of Design (or, Design isn’t what you think it is)”
Wednesday, January 25 | Colin Ellard “This is Your Brain on Urban Design”
Wednesday, February 8 | Alumni Panel “Divergent Paths”
Wednesday, February 22 | Brando Kolarevic
Wednesday, April 26 | Josemaria de Churtichaga “Unexpected Design Tools for Architecture Students”
Wednesday, May 10 | Lance Hosey “Redesigning Innovation”
Wednesday, May 24 | Vuslat Demircay “Response to Change” >>Watch the Lecture

2015-2016 Lecture Series Calendar

Wednesday, October 21 | Patricia Rhee
Wednesday, November 4 | Trevor Boddy
Wednesday, November 18 | Michele Saee “Hide: Sketches of Space”
Wednesday, December 2 | Chuck Crawford “Two Roosters and a Rabbit”
Wednesday, January 27 | Jose Wagner Garcia & Matias Nieto Tolosa
Thursday, February 11 | John Thackara “How to Thrive in the Next Economy”
Wednesday, February 24 | Marvin J. Maclecha, FAIA, DPACSA “Being Creative, Being a Creative”
Wednesday, March 9 | Dario Miticocchio “Where is Design Going?”
Wednesday, April 20 | Harry Mallgrave “What is the Nature of Architectural Research?”
Wednesday, April 27 | Stanley Saitowitz “Building the City”
Wednesday, May 11 | Kurt Hunker “Aalto for Everyone”
Wednesday, May 25 | Patkau Architects “Work/Play”
Wednesday, June 8 | Thomas Albright “Toward a Neuroscience for Architecture”

2014-2015 Lecture Series Calendar

Wednesday, February 4 | Lawrence Herzog “Global Sprawl”
Monday, February 23 | Gil Penalosa “Creating People-Friendly Cities”
Tuesday, March 10 | Ezio Manzini “Cosmopolitan Localism” >>Watch the Lecture
Monday, April 20 | Leon Krier “A Critical Discussion of Le Corbsier and the Art of Place Making”
Wednesday, April 29 | Richard Jackson “America’s Health Threat: Poor Urban Design”
Wednesday, May 6 | Len Zegarski “Words and Works of Kahn”
Tuesday, May 19 | Neuroscience Symposium Keynote “Architecture & Perception (How the Built Environment Influences Research)”
Thursday, May 28 | Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) “Neuroscience and Environmental Design: Implications for Education”
Saturday, May 30 | Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) “Towards a Neuroscience for Architecture”
Wednesday, June 3 | Joe Kennedy “The Art of Natural Building”
Friday, June 19 | Gianandrea Barreca “Artifact & Landscape – Architecture vs. Nature”

2013-2014 Lecture Series Calendar

Wednesday, October 30 | Eric R.P. Farr “Envelope, Facade, Enclosure, Skin, Wrapping, Elevation”
Tuesday, November 5 | Ezequiel Farca “Design Spheres: The Fine Line Between Architecture, Interior, and Product Design”
Tuesday, November 26 | Carl Callewaert “Real-Time Visualization: Architecture Meets Games”
Wednesday, February 19 | Juhani Pallasmaa “Landscapes of Architectural Education: Architecture, Knowledge and Existential Wisdom” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, April 16 | Brigitte Shim “In and Out”

2012-2013 Lecture Series Calendar

Wednesday, October 24 | Paolo Giachi
Wednesday, November 14 | Clive Wilkenson “The Architecture of the Large Organization”
Wednesday, December 5 | Russell Thomsen & Eric Kahn “Driven by Dilemma”
Friday, January 11 | Marco Susani & Elena Pacenti “Next-Gen Design: What the Future of Design Holds for a New Generation of Designers”
Wednesday, January 16 | Fernando Romero “You are the Context”
Wednesday, February 6 | Ciro Najle “Material Discipline”
Wednesday, February 13 | Mark Rios
Wednesday, February 20 | Winy Maas “What’s Next?”
Wednesday, March 6 | Jennifer Luce “Deliberate Blur/Design Thinking Across Perceived Boundaries”
Wednesday, April 10 | Aaron Draplin “Tall Tales from a Large Man”
Wednesday, April 17 | Michael Palladino “The New San Diego Courthouse: The Art and The Architecture”
Wednesday, May 1 | Peter Bohlin “Soft Modernism - The Nature of Circumstance”
Friday, May 17 | Kai-Uwe Bergmann “Hedonistic Sustainability”
Friday, May 29 | Peter Zellner “Economy of Form”

2011-2012 Lecture Series Calendar

Monday, November 21 | Lorenzo Imbesi “Hybrid in Design: Design as a Cultural and Collective Process”
Tuesday, February 7 | Richard Louv
Friday, March 2 | Joshua Prince-Ramus “Slow Architecture” >>Watch the Lecture