Integrative Studies

Designed to Cultivate a Global Perspective

NewSchool’s integrative studies curriculum is designed to address the general education learning objectives of 21st century design students. Our rigorous curriculum of required and elective courses is aimed at producing articulate and confident students who are capable of achieving academic goals, making interdisciplinary connections, and addressing contemporary concerns. Our faculty, of which over 50% are practicing professionals and experts in their fields, place an emphasis on learning that is relevant, and we challenge our students to form links between their coursework and the landscape, built environment, people, and cultures that make up the world— both past and present. Our “hands-on approach” to learning allows students to develop critical thinking skills, broaden their self-awareness, foster an understanding of others and community, and cultivate a dynamic global perspective that may contribute to a more sustainable future.

Designed to Emphasize Inquiry

NewSchool’s General Education program consists of courses designed to provide you with a diversity of ideas and concepts. It emphasizes inquiry as the means of developing complex intellectual skills that enables students to become critical thinkers, concerned citizens, and lifelong learners. Instructors facilitate inquiry by integrating learning across disciplines, inviting guest speakers, taking students on field trips, and collaborating in team teaching.

NewSchool currently offers several online general education classes as part of the school’s undergraduate curriculum. These offerings provide flexibility in scheduling and allow students to meet curriculum requirements in a more self-paced environment.

Some of our popular courses include:

  • HUM260: History of Pre-Modern Art & Design
  • HUM361: The Evolution of Surfing
  • HUM362: The Evolution of the Bicycle
  • HUM360: Myths and Symbols
  • SCI370: The Pacific Ocean
  • SOC482: Urban Studies

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