Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At NewSchool, we challenge our students with rigorous advancement standards, and our hands-on instructional program nurtures artistic passion while demanding professional excellence. We believe that a wide range of individuals can find reward and fulfillment in the study of architecture and design. It is this philosophy that shapes the NewSchool Mission, Vision and Values.

Our faculty includes experienced architects, designers, and practicing professionals who develop creative mentorships with students. NewSchool subscribes to the “learn by doing” thesis of American philosopher John Dewey, and we encourage our students to intern as soon as their abilities and circumstances allow. NewSchool strives to meet the ever-changing demands of the architectural and design professions. We continually adapt our educational objectives to meet the fundamental goals of practice within the professions: ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the public.


Many of the most pressing problems of contemporary society now demand creative solutions: urban conditions of both density and sprawl, the accelerating depletion of the earth’s natural resources, and globalization’s impact on local culture and meaning. Education in the design professions is intended to prepare students to address these and other problems creatively. NewSchool’s programs in architecture, construction management, media design, design studies, product design, and interior architecture and design are dedicated to providing the skills and methodologies necessary to adapt to—and excel in—a changing professional environment positioned to serve society. Design and its related professions necessitate a commitment to lifelong learning and exploration. This requires the mental agility to learn new disciplines and to communicate effectively. In addition to learning their professions, students are instructed in a variety of areas based in critical thinking, including a broad general education program, oral and written communication, computer application, library research, and problem analysis. Graduate students are expected to focus on the key issues, methodologies, and skill sets necessary for advancement within their disciplines.

Architecture, design, and related disciplines are integrative professions that require lifelong learning and exploration. Excellence requires the mental agility to learn new disciplines and to effectively communicate new ideas. At NewSchool, we give students the skills they need to adapt and thrive in a challenging professional environment.

To enhance this training, we instruct students in oral and written communication, research methods, problem analysis, and critical thinking.

NewSchool’s afternoon and evening architecture program schedule allows students the flexibility to gain hands-on experience with local firms during the day, building relationships that they can call upon throughout their careers.