Our Mission


The mission of NewSchool of Architecture and Design is to nurture and inspire design-minded students. NewSchool graduates demonstrate a firm foundation of critical thinking, ethical behavior, and a culture of professional practice on their way to becoming socially responsible leaders of change for our global society.

NewSchool achieves this mission through:

  1. A progressive curriculum, taught by accomplished, active faculty.
  2. Practitioner-based models of learning focused on problem-solving, experiential learning, and process-based design.
  3. Active participation and engagement in our local and global community.
  4. The constant pursuit of academic excellence.


The NewSchool vision is to be a leading provider of architecture and design education focused on improving the quality of life in the built and natural environments on both the local and global scales as informed by nature, supported by research, focused on professional practice, and committed to sustainability. The NewSchool vision will be accomplished through a disciplined approach to the following tenets:

People: NewSchool will be a place where faculty and staff are engaged in a vibrant educational setting and where students find meaning and inspiration in the pursuit of their professional goals.

Portfolio: NewSchool will grow its commitment to sustainable design and dynamic program development by anticipating the ever-changing needs of our students and the professions we serve.

Partners: NewSchool will be a leading contributor to the design professions around the globe as the flagship institution within the Laureate International Universities network for architecture education.

Place: NewSchool will be practice-oriented and student-centric and will contribute to multiple locations, both domestic and international


We value inquiry as the search for knowledge and the willingness to question.

We value critical thinking that subjects all concepts, ideas, and opinions to intellectual reflection and a rigorous examination based on logic, clarity, consistency, and fairness.

We value a climate of open exchange and dialogue that allows for the sharing of a range of opinions and methods.

We value ethical behavior that promotes the practice and application of personal, professional and social responsibility.

We value leadership in the academic, professional, and social environments with the expectation that through one’s actions, the actions of others are influenced, inspired, and focused.

We value the diversity of cultural and social backgrounds, offering differing points of view brought about by an array of cultural traditions, economic backgrounds, religious upbringing, and gender.

We value engagement as the act of contributing to the health and well-being of the academy, the profession, and the community