Faculty and Community Awards


  • Daniel Manlongat, Contributing Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Architecture


  • 2010: Gilbert D. Cooke, AIA, Dean Emeritus
  • 2009: R. Wayne Drummond, FAIA, Dean of Architecture, University of Nebraska
  • 2008: Dr. Luis Vasquez, Founder, Yantalo Peru Foundation
  • Hon. Lori Saldana, Assembly Member, 76th District
  • 2007: F. Wayne Donaldson, FAIA, California State Historic Preservation Officer
  • 2006: Tom Anglewicz, FAIA, Austin Veum Robbins Partners
  • Emanuel Rosen, FAIA, Professor Emeritus
  • 2005: Gordon Chong, FAIA-President, AIA National, CEO Chong Partners, Architects
  • 2004: John Eberhard, FAIA, founding President, Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture
  • 2003: Fred Gage, Ph.D., Scientist, The Salk Institute Alison Whitelaw, FAIA, Practice recognized for sustainable design
  • 2002: Harold R. Hay, Research Chemist and Solar Energy Pioneer
  • Michael Stepner, FAIA, FAICP, FIUD, City of San Diego Architect
  • 2001: Dr. Gordon Bishop, President, NewSchool of Architecture
  • 2000: John Fowler, Former Assistant City Manager, City of San Diego
  • 1999: Robert Imber, Executive Director, Museum of Architecture
  • John Moores, Owner, Padres Baseball Team, CEO, Peregrine
  • 1998: Peter Hall, Executive Director, Center City Development Corp.
  • 1997: Ann Jarmusch, Architecture Editor, Union-Tribune
  • 1996: Werner von Gundell, Former Dir. Director of Planning, City of Oceanside
  • 1995: Stanley Foster, CEO, Foster Investment Corporation
  • 1994: Dr. John MacDonald, SD San Diego Board of Supervisors
  • (Retired) President Emeritus, Mira Costa College
  • 1993: Harriet Gill, Founder, Friends of Architecture
  • 1992: Malcolm Leland, Sculptor
  • 1991: Adele Naude Santos, AIA Dean, UCSD Graduate, School of Architecture
  • 1990: Dr. Jonas Salk, Medical Scientist


This award is given to a person in the community who has contributed to the shaping of the built environment.

  • 2003: Frank Wolden, FIUD, Planning and Urban Design
  • 2002: S. Gail Goldberg, AICP, Planning Director, City of San Diego
  • 2000: Walter Rask, AIA, Director, Urban Design and Planning, Centre City Development Corp.
  • 1999: Candice Lopez, Urban Art Trail
  • 1998: Wayne Buss, Architect, Reincarnation Project
  • 1997: Byron Wear, San Diego City Councilman
  • 1996: Manuel Rodriguez, Professor, NewSchool of Architecture (awarded posthumously)
  • 1995: James Engelke, AIA, AICP, Principal, Circa9Studios
  • 1994: Susan Golding, Mayor, City of San Diego
  • 1993: Max Schmidt, Center City Development Corp.
  • 1992: Michael Stepner, FAIA, FAICP, The City Architect of San Diego
  • 1991: Ron Roberts, AIA, San Diego City Councilman


  • 2013: Pete Garcia and David Malmuth
  • 2012: Charlene Alsbaugh and Victor Parga
  • 2011: Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects
  • 2010: Roger Showley, The Union Tribune San Diego
  • 2008: William J. Klettke, President and CEO, ForeFront Education, Inc.
  • 2007: James T. Frost, AIA, Architect and Board Member, NewSchool of Architecture & Design
  • 2006: Gilbert D. Cooke, AIA, Dean, NewSchool of Architecture & Design


  • 2013: Brad Hardin and Balfour Beatty Construction
  • 2012: Joseph O. Wong, FAIA, NCARB
  • 2010: Jack Carpenter, FAIA
  • 2007: Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA