Miti Aiello

Miti Aiello was born in Italy and received a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from North Dakota State University. She was awarded a post-professional Master of Architecture and Urban Design (M.Arch. II) from Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., and Florence, Italy.

Miti is an architectural and design professional and educator with experience in architectural practices, as a 3D digital modeler, and as a consultant for private clients. She is a visual artist and a published poet. Aiello is Assistant Professor in the Undergraduate and Graduate Architecture Programs; she has been teaching at NewSchool of Architecture and Design since 2005. Among other courses, she teaches the popular History of Architecture: Analysis and Synthesis through Visual Notes class. The class focuses on teaching architectural history through drawing, in the form of student-generated visual notes based on textbook reading, with weekly assignments aimed at strengthening visual literacy and graphic analysis.

As Principal Designer and owner of ArchistDesign Studio, Aiello is responsible for projects ranging from residential remodels and photography to, most recently, an urban infill project of an entire block in Downtown San Diego. She was awarded the AIA Associate Award in 2006 and is a board director of the NewSchool Foundation. She has been serving as Secretary of NCAP (the NewSchool Council for Academic Policies) since 2014. In July 2016, Aiello was invited to present her paper “Self Storage Cities: a New Typology of (Sub)urban Enclave” at the 2016 ACSA International Conference in Santiago de Chile