Meet our Undergraduate Architecture Chair

NewSchool of Architecture and Design undergraduate programs take a holistic, alternative approach to uniting the practice and discipline of architecture. Collectively and individually, our programs focus on developing professionals through a practical and liberal education within a positive, nurturing learning environment.

All programs feature a general education core that draws from knowledge of arts and humanities, as well as social, natural, and behavioral sciences. The professional core for each program integrates technical and practical content for a lifelong engagement in various fields of architectural practice and the disciplines of architecture and design.

Whether concentrating on architecture, art and design, history and theory, technology, professional practice, or urban studies, students will explore the challenges of the 21st century and of place-making within communities of this age and time.

Students will also gain technical know-how and an appreciation of the social, environmental, and economic status of urban settings. Our students study architecture, design, and construction with an eye on elevating the quality of people’s lives within their natural and manmade environments. We hope you will join us in pursuit of this mission.

Leonard Zegarski
Undergraduate Department Chair