BA in Product Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design degree program at NewSchool of Architecture & Design prepares students for professional practice of product design in a wide range of industries.

Italian Design Approach Blended with California Innovation

Can you think of ways to improve the design of a smart phone, desk organizer or headphones? Does designing a new product sound exciting? Industrial and product designers are creative problem solvers who think not only about design but also about the user experience.

Industrial design permeates our world: the objects we live with, the cars we drive, the way we punch keys of our smart phones. Our degree in product design explores these multifaceted application and teaches you how to think in a way that solves design problems. As a product designer, you will combine art, science and technology to create innovative products and services.

Built in collaboration with the prestigious design school, Domus Academy School of Design in Milan, product design degree at NewSchool provides a unique experience for students to learn the best of Italian design approach blended with the California creative industry - for students to become designers in a global market. Students also have an opportunity to choose a study abroad in Milan, Italy - during the Design Week.

Project Based Learning and Real Clients

Students will learn how to design products and build design strategies through a strong interdisciplinary foundation year, intensive project work and project assignments with real companies. Our design students have worked with Swenyo, Sound United, Nissan and more to create design solutions for wide range of industries: life style, audio equipment, healthcare, to name a few.

Careers in Industrial and Product Design

Product Design and Industrial Design professionals can have great careers in:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Color and Material Design
  • Consumer Product Design
  • Design Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Exhibition Design
  • Furniture and Lighting Design

Job opportunities range from employment in specialized design services; home furnishing, furniture, and materials shops and retailers; furniture and lighting design companies; and self-employment as a freelance designer or consultant.

Career services staff at NewSchool are ready to speak with you about the possibilities that lie ahead for you after pursuing a product design and development degree. Earn a degree in product design today at NewSchool!

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